Emerita, Vol 63, No 2 (1995)

El progreso de la epigrafía romana en Hispania (1988-1992)


Carmen Castillo , España


This chronicle contains the publications corresponding to the period pointed out systematically ordered. I have omitted the section arranged according to discovery's places, that may be substituted by the new review Hispania Epigraphica. Special interest deserves the discovery of the Senatus consultum De Cn. Pisone Patre, unpublished for the moment. It may be also enhanced the first oath to the Emperor found in Baetica, of which I offer a text with supplements; an inscription also from the Baetica that provides information about a local magistrate's munificence, and the reconstruction of the monumental inscription from the Segovian aquaeductus, dressed by G. Alföldy. Within the prosopographical area, it must be cited the edition of a corpus of Spanish Senators, which includes 250 items: 180 certi and 70 incerti.

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